Introduction to DraftSight API

The DraftSight API provides direct access to DraftSight functionality and allows you to create commands, add toolbars and menus, construct geometry, create and modify Dimensions, add custom data, export documents as different document types, print documents, and so on.

# First thing First:

  • The quickest and Easiest way to explore DraftSight API is by Recording and playing Macros. Get yourself familiar with  Macro Toolbar in DraftSight .

If you want to learn DraftSight API programming then Check following sections.

  • You need to have some Basic knowledge of Programming
  • You need DraftSight Premium version (Professional/Enterprise) .
  • You need Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to edit, debug, build C++ Native, C#, VB, and C++ COM projects.
  • For VBA Projects to Create, Open, edit, debug, and run script file in the SOLIDWORKS VBA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or import in any Microsoft office product (Excel, Word,etc ).

# Where are DraftSight Type Libraries and Primary interop assemblies ?

Note:  install_dir path is C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\DraftSight

DraftSight Type Libraries:

  • install_dir\APISDK\tlb\dsAddin.tlb 
  • install_dir\bin\dsAutomation.dll

DraftSight Primary interop assemblies:

  • install_dir\APISDK\tlb\DraftSight.Interop.dsAddin.dll
  • install_dir\APISDK\tlb\DraftSight.Interop.dsAutomation.dll


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