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A Bill Of Materials is a collection of information about all Hardware Components Tagged by Balloons in Drawing.

This article is in continuation with Previous Article How to Insert Balloons in DraftSight ?

So, as We have attached Balloons to Hardware Components in DraftSight as shown below:

We will Create BOM Table for these Hardware Components.

BOM Commands in DraftSight :

In Classic Workspace :

Toolbox Menu > BOM :

Toolbar :

In ‘Drafting and Annotation’ Workspace :

Create BOM :

As we have already placed Balloons inside DraftSight Drawing, BOM Table will take information from all Linked Hardware Components by Balloons.

Click on Create BOM Button or Run Command TB_CREATEBOM 

Specify top-left insertion point» Click inside GA.

Note: From Balloon Data about Assembly will not be shown in BOM Table.

Edit BOM :

Click on Edit BOM Button or Run Command TB_EDITBOM

Specify header of bill of materials table»  Click on BOM Table Header

Options: Edit bom table, Recreate bom table, Delete bom table or eXit
Specify option»  You can Specify command Option from Command window or Right Click and Choose Command option.

Edit bom table :

Choose ‘Edit bom table’ option

Specify table reference of bill of materials» Click on BOM Table row to Pop up Edit Balloon db.

You can Edit Data and as soon as you click Ok on this dialog box changed Data will be reflected in BOM Table.

Recreate bom table :

If you Delete or Add Balloon then you need to choose this command option to Recreate BOM Table.

Delete bom table : Deletes Selected BOM Table.

Export BOM :

You can Export BOM into text file with TB_EXPORTBOM command .

But Wait !! Now after DraftSight 2017 SP0 Release you can Export BOM Table into Excel Sheet !!!

How ? Check this article Export Table Data into Excel – DraftSight .


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